Rocky Mountain Power Subscriber Solar:  What's the Deal? 

Subscriber solar is a great way to benefit from solar power without installing it on your own rooftop. Currently, there are no available blocks of solar if you are not already using it BUT if you take 3 minutes right now and sign up for the waitlist we can show Rocky Mountain Power that we do want this! The more people who sign up for the waitlist, showing a customer demand, the faster Rocky Mountain Power will get that next round commissioned! Take a look below on how easy it is to sign up- only 5 steps- and how inexpensive this choice can be- for my home less than an extra $20/year! Grab your electricity account number and do it!


Watts Down, Lights Up Holiday Campaign


With tidings of LED bulbs, we hope residents and businesses of Summit County will turn down the wattage as they put up more energy friendly holiday displays.

Participation in Lights Down Watts Up is simple and asks only that residents and businesses replace traditional or incandescent bulbs with modern LED versions. This switch can apply to one string of holiday lights or hundreds and may be instantly made by swapping out even one non-LED indoor or other light with an LED. 

To keep an accurate tally of collective, county-wide energy reductions, residents and businesses are encouraged to share their switch stories big and small here or on social media with the hashtag #WattsDownLightsUp 


Here are the signature SCPW 4 Switch Actions


LED Switch

LED lighting is the new standard. LED bulbs are cheap, use +80% less energy, and last more than 10 years. Save money and trips up the ladder by switching today! 


Control switch

Smart thermostats, like the Nest and ecobee, do a better job of managing your home heating/cooling automatically than a programmable thermostat. Install one today and shave 15% off your monthly gas and electricity bills.


Comfort switch

Whole-home improvements like air sealing, insulation, replacing windows, and upgrading appliances improve the comfort, health, value and efficiency of your home. We’re here to help break this process down into manageable steps and guide you to the best resources.



power switch

Ready to power your home with the sun? We’re here to help you prepare your home and select the right system. The LED Switch, Control Switch, and Comfort Switch help make the Power Switch more affordable!